Wilson Launch Pad 2 Driver

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Hand: Right Hand
Flex: Stiff
Degree: 10.5
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The Wilson Launch Pad 2 Driver

Experience the ultimate power and control in your game with our Wilson Launch Pad 2 Driver Golf Club. A game-improvement phenomenon, it elevates precision and efficiently eliminates the dreaded slice. This is not just a golf club - it's a transformative tool that promises to revolutionize your golfing experience.
Unearth the secret to straighter, more accurate shots with the Launch Pad 2's inherent draw bias, effectively addressing one of golf's most persistent problems. Never lose sight of your target as you launch with confidence, ensuring every fairway is well within your reach.

Enhanced Speed

Brace yourself for enhanced speed powered by advanced computer modelling. The Wilson Launch Pad 2 features a tour-proven face geometry that guarantees higher velocity golf ball speeds every time. Impressively forgiving yet fast, it revolutionizes your control over the game, even on off-centre hits.


Moreover, the Wilson Launch Pad 2 Driver stands proud as one of the lightest drivers in the golfing market. Paired with a lightweight Evenflow shaft, it creates effortless swing speed without compromising power. Perfect for players of all varieties, from novice to seasoned pros, this driver promises to be an indispensable addition to your golf bag.

In your mission for distance, make it simple, make it effortless, make it elegant!