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Nothing is more frustrating than the ball flying everywhere but where you want it to go. As any golfer knows, a successful shot requires a lot of practice and coordination. To learn how to swing a golf club, you must understand the various fundamentals and get them as correct as possible. 

Graceful yet powerful, a good golf swing is like a dance. It may seem like a simple movement, but that’s not the case.

A well-executed golf swing can also help prevent injuries by using the back, shoulders, and leg muscles to absorb impact. In addition, a smooth golf swing can help to improve accuracy and consistency.

In this blog post, we’ll look at all the moving parts that make up a good golf swing so you can be swinging a club like a pro! 

How to Properly Swing a Golf Club

Golf player swinging a golf club in a golf course

One of the main components of a golf swing is the setup. Setting up correctly will increase your chances of properly swinging the golf club, which will give you higher chances of completing the backswing effectively. 

Professional golf players state that your setup plays the most vital role in golf. 

Foot placement

Regarding foot placement, while holding the golf club, your left foot should be slightly ahead of the ball. This way, your club should rest towards the middle or centre of your body and the golf ball towards the middle of your stance.

Your feet should be at a distance wider than shoulder-width, apart from each other.

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Arm reach

Your arms should be straight but still relaxed so that neither your elbows bend to position your club nor your arms outstretched. Your upper body should slightly bend towards the golf ball and your torso away from the ball but only slightly, with your hands a fist away from your thighs.


To “keep your alignment square” in golf is when you align your feet and shoulders in a way where if there were an imaginary line coming from behind your shoulders to the front of your shoulders and passing between your feet, it should be pointed directly at the target or hole.

Bending the knees

The golf player should bend the knees slightly in an “athletic stance” when you relax your body so that the knees are slightly bent instead of stiff and straight. This makes the golf swing come more naturally and comfortably.

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7 Steps to Swing a Golf Club like a Pro

Now that you have the setup down pat, it is time for the actual swing. What takes place in a golf swing, and how can you improve on yours? 

The Grip

Keeping your muscles relaxed, hold the golf club with a neutral grip so that the club head can rotate smoothly in your hands once you swing the club.

The three types of grips are:

  • overlapping grip
  • 10-finger grip
  • interlocking grip.

The overlapping grip is the most common, but you should choose the one that fits you best. In all types of grips, you can hold the golf club with a strong, weak, or neutral grip. Professionals often say that the neutral grip is the best type of golf grip.


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set up

Your setup is your complete stance, which shouldn’t be too slouched or too stiff. Relax your knees so that they bend slightly.



No matter how well your stance and setup are, if the clubhead becomes misaligned during the takeaway, your swing will be affected, and your shot will go in the wrong direction. The “takeaway” refers to the backswing part that occurs from setup to the point where your club is parallel to the ground. 

It begins where your arms are relaxed but straight and ends where your arms naturally feel the need to bend.



A smooth initial movement is critical when it comes to swinging the club. A backswing ensures strong positioning before you strike the ball and affects your swing path through impact. The energy you store is released through the backswing to deliver that energy to the ball for the perfect strike while shifting weight to the ball of your feet.



A downswing is a minimal and effortless swing which creates a powerful clubhead speed. Your weight should shift to the front of your foot with your knees following your hips as you swing.



The point in golf swinging occurs between the downswing and the follow-through, in which an actual impact is made between the ball and the club. Most of your body weight should be towards the left side of your body with your right heel slightly lifted in a lightweight manner.

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Finish and follow-through


Your balanced position once you have swung your club and struck the ball is what a finish and follow-through are. The best follow-through is when the golfer’s body is fully rotated or turned towards the target, which shows appropriate weight transfer during the golf strike.

Frequently asked questions about how to swing a golf club

Should golf swing feel effortless?

Yes, with the least amount of stiffness and tension, your golf swing should be effortless and come naturally. The energy you store within your posture and grip is the energy you want to release when you perform the swing whether backswing or downswing. 

How do I make my golf swing easier?

Holding the club with a neutral and soft grip is the best way to make your golf swing easier. Remember everything you have learned about your stance when preparing for the strike or swing.

Do not try too hard, as that will stiffen your posture and create inconsistency in your swing; let it come naturally. The more you tense your body and stiffen your arms, the harder it will become for you to find enjoyment in the sport.

What is the most straightforward golf swing?

The Manuel de la Torre Method is the most straightforward golf swing. The basic rules to his method are:

  • Remember to shift your weight but not sway
  • Turn your body but not completely rotate.
  • Don’t slouch. Instead, slightly bend and let your arms lift in a natural pose.

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