Sun Mountain 2023 BOOM Bag

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Color: Navy/Camo
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 Discover the Sun Mountain 2023 BOOM Cart Bag

Experience high-quality sound while enjoying your golf game with the magnificent Sun Mountain 2023 BOOM Bag. This next-generation golf bag marries leisure with convenience, pushing the boundaries of traditional golfing equipments.

Its uniquely designed built-in speakers let you bring your favorite tunes to the green, making the Sun Mountain Boom Bag a perfect companion for passionate golf players who love a groovy soundtrack to their game.

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To make the magic happen, simply connect your device to the wireless controller, plug your speakers in, and let the rhythmic beats immerse you in your game. There's nothing quite like hitting that sweet shot while synced to the rhythm of your favorite jam – it’s a whole new level of golfing experience!

The Sun Mountain Boom Cart Bag Groove Features 

The Sun Mountain Boom Bag steps ahead with its smart design and thoughtful features.

The velour-lined valuables pocket holds your wireless controller, battery, and phone securely without fear of scratches. Color-coded speaker wires plug effortlessly into the controller - as easy as a birdie putt! And a clear vinyl window on the media pocket lets you switch your music without breaking your groove.

Worried about battery life? No problem! The wireless controller can be quickly plugged into a portable charging device to keep the good times rolling for that extra playing time.

Boom Bag: Smart Storage for your Golf Accessories

The BOOM Bag isn't just a musical delight. With twelve strategically placed pockets, including a ventilated cooler pocket, spacious apparel pocket, dual water bottle pouches, and multiple accessory pockets, your golf gear is always within easy reach and perfectly organized.

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It also boasts fourteen individual full-length golf club dividers, including a dedicated putter compartment, ensuring your golf clubs are well protected and tidily arranged. Rain on the forecast? No worries, we’ve got you covered with a handy rain-hood as well.

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Enjoying the Sun Mountain 2023 BOOM Bag

The Sun Mountain 2023 BOOM Bag is designed with the modern golfer in mind.

It's perfect for the player who appreciates the joy of their playlist mingling with the thrill of their game. It brilliantly delivers the best of both worlds – sturdy golf bag designs with the added flavor of your favourite tunes!

With this bag, unleash a new rhythm to your golfing - let every swing match the beat!

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Features Summary:

  • The velour-lined valuables pocket has multiple slots to hold your wireless controller, battery, and phone.
  • Color-coded speaker wires plug into the controller.
  • The media pocket has a clear vinyl window so you can view and change your selection on the fly.
  • When needed, the wireless controller can be plugged into a portable charging device for extra playing time. 
  • There are twelve pockets including a ventilated cooler pocket, apparel pocket, dual water bottle pouches, and multiple accessory pockets.
  • Fourteen individual club dividers, including a dedicated golf putter compartment, run the length of the bag to protect and organize clubs.
  • Rain-hood included.

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