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A golf bag is an absolute must for any golfer. Most golf bags are made to hold almost everything you will need while playing 18 holes.

But, have you ever struggled to grab a certain iron from the golf bag or wondered where your go-to golf ball marker went while they're supposed to be in your bag? And nothing is more annoying than looking for a club when all you want to do is make the next shot.

This blog post is for you if you’ve got a messy, disorganized bag! In it, we’ll go through how to put clubs in a golf bag and eliminate the frustration of not finding what you want immediately. 

How to Put Golf Clubs in a Golf Bag

Golf player carrying a golf bag with many golf clubs inside

Every golfer has a different technique for storing their clubs, but organizing your golf bag is essential to have fun during the round.

Properly organizing your golf bag is not always easy for beginners. A smart way to start is to put golf clubs in your golf bag to know where each item is located. Most importantly, arrange your clubs in increasing order of loft. Make sure your golf balls and tees are all in separate compartments to be easily accessible.  

Let's review the quick and easy method for organizing a golf bag. The steps we've provided are the most systematic approach if you want to learn how to organize golf clubs in a cart or stand bag.

Remember, though, you can always experiment with different ways to put clubs in a golf bag to see what works for you!

1. Empty the Cart of Stand Bag

Empty all your equipment from the bag on the floor, one club at a time. Don't scatter your clubs. Instead, group them. After you've emptied the bag, invert it and dust off any grass or dirt left inside.

Read this post and discover how many golf clubs you can carry according to the official rules.

2. Clean Your Golf Clubs

It wouldn’t hurt to clean your golf grips and clubs once all of them are out of the bag. Any seasoned golfer knows that having clean golf clubs is essential for success on the course. But what is the best way to clean them? 

Many golfers simply use soap and water, but this can damage the clubs by degrading the metal and causing the grips to become slippery. Instead, it is better to use a dedicated golf club cleaner, like this one: 

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These cleaners are designed to remove dirt and grime without damaging the clubs, and they often come with built-in brushes that make scrubbing easier. In addition, many golf club cleaners are safe to use on all types of clubs, including wood, metal, and graphite.

3. Longest Clubs First

Generally speaking, your longest golf clubs should be closest to the shoulder strap in the rear of your golf bag. If you have a stand bag, place your woods and driver in the bag's area closest to the strap. 

Set of golf cart bags disposed over white background

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In the case of a cart bag, put your driver in the upper left-hand followed by your woods, as it has different slots for each golf club.

a collection of golf cart bags disposed over white background

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4. Now, the Irons

Continue arranging your golf clubs in descending order if you have a cart bag. Otherwise, put your irons in the center of your bag.

5. Finally, the Shorter Clubs

Your wedges and putters should be set aside and ready to be inserted back. Continue arranging your golf clubs in descending order if you have a cart bag. The final club you should put in your golf bag is the putter.

6. Accessories

Once you’ve put all your clubs in your golf bag, it's time to pack your golf accessories. Consider what you utilize the most on the course. For instance, if you use a rangefinder for every golf stroke, attach them to the outside of your bag or keep them in a pocket that is simple to reach. 

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Separating tees and ball markers is also a smart idea. When reaching for a ball marker, you should be able to locate it without having to look through the trees.

This can seem like a lot of effort initially, but this method will get simpler when you try to organize your golf bag once you've mastered these stages.

How to Organize Your Golf Bag

golf bag filled with golf clubs standing in a green golf course

When learning how to set up your golf bag, the sort of bag you have is the first thing to consider. Golf bags can include interior dividers that range from 14-way to 4-way bags. 

Whatever design you choose should stay constant: the longest clubs should be closest to the longest piece of the bag (the straps), and the shorter clubs should be further down (at the front).

Let's quickly review typical methods for organizing 4-way bags, 6-way, 8-way, and 14-way bags.


The simplest way to organize clubs is with a golf bag with 14 slots. The 14-way golf bag keeps the shafts and grips of each club apart to avoid damage. It makes storing and removing your equipment simpler, and reduces the possibility of scratching or bending the shafts.

There are 14 spaces, thus there is one slot or divider for each golf club. The driver should be placed in the top position since it is the longest club in the set and has the biggest head. Hybrids come next, followed by irons, wedges, and putters.

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Now let’s talk about an 8-way golf bag with a somewhat reduced capacity. Similar to 14-way, your golf clubs should be arranged with the highest lofts at the top, starting with your driver and woods, followed by hybrids and irons, and finally wedges.

So arranging a 14-way golf bag and an 8-way golf bag is essentially the same, except that identical clubs are paired together and stored in a single compartment in the latter instance.


When 14-way is simply too large, 6-way golf bags are the ideal solution. This bag is lighter to carry, yet it can still hold all of your pricey clubs and keep them organized and protected. Also, you can easily store your long-game and short-game golf clubs apart, with your irons positioned in the middle.

Six slots may be divided by putting a divider and three of wood on top. The following two slots go to hybrids, the two compartments in the middle hold your irons, and the bottom holds your wedges and putter.

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The fastest placement and retrieval of your clubs possible by a 4-way golf bag since you don't necessarily need to put each club precisely into its corresponding compartment in this bag.

In a 4-way bag, the driver and the woods are placed on top. Long irons are kept in the center-left portion, while mid and short irons are kept in the center-right. At the bottom, place your wedges and putter.

Final Thoughts 

We hope this has given you some ideas for putting clubs in your golf bag! Try rearranging your irons and other equipment before your upcoming golf vacation.

This way, you'll spend less time looking through your bag and more time having fun when you're playing golf if your bag is organized!

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