The Ultimate Guide Men on What to Wear for Golfing

Golfing is a sport that’s enjoyed by millions of people around the world and for those who are just getting into the game, knowing what to wear can be a bit of a challenge.

Proper golf apparel not only allows you a full range of motion during clubhouse activities but also keeps you looking on-trend while out on the course.

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to pick up the right golf pieces for men so you can make sure you fit in with proper etiquette without sacrificing style and comfort!

Golf Clothing for Men

man wearing golf clothes for golfing and holding a golf club over his shoulder while looking and smiling

When it comes to golf clothing for men, the key is to look clean and professional. Take a look at these tips below:


man wearing the Adidas Jacquard Polo Shirt - Black

For the top, polo shirts are the standard go-to but you can also go with a long-sleeved or short-sleeved sweater if you want to stay comfortable while golfing on cooler days.

A fitted and lightweight polo shirt is the most popular option for men when it comes to golfing attire. It should fit close to the body while still allowing enough space to move comfortably but not too loose that your swing would be hindered by extra fabric.

Additionally, a windbreaker and other golf jackets can be great for when there’s chilly weather as it will provide added warmth without sacrificing style. 

model wearing the Adidas Primegreen Water Resistant 1/4 Zip - Black

Depending on the temperature and wind level, adding an extra layer of protection on top of your polo shirt can make your game more comfortable and enjoyable. Sweaters, either long or short-sleeved are perfect for this purpose when it's cold outside, while windbreakers provide additional wind resistance as well as some added warmth in colder weather conditions. 


four models of the Adidas 2022 Ultimate365 10.5-Inch Core Golf Shorts in different colours

For bottoms like golf shorts and pants, lightweight trousers or shorts with additional pockets are recommended in order to keep your hands free and allow room to swing freely. If shorts are an option at your course then consider golf shorts that provide more sweeping flexibility with some added fabric coverage around the knee area. 

When picking your golf outfit, you want something lightweight but also durable enough to withstand rough surfaces without tearing easily during play or getting caught on things like bushes or branches along the way.

model wearing the Adidas 2022 Go-To Commuter Golf Pants Black

Opting for trouser-style pants can give you more coverage, while shorts offer lightness in terms of both weight and ventilation during warm days (with golf shorts being another popular option).


detail of a golf shoe and a hand picking up a golf ball from the green course

Finally, footwear should involve golf shoes or athletic shoes which have cleats if they’re allowed - this helps provide higher traction on slippery greens and fairways alike. Be sure that whatever shoe you choose has breathable materials on them so your feet stay feeling light regardless of how much walking you do during your game!


The New Balance Men's Striker V3 Golf Shoe - White/Red over a white background


For safety reasons, proper golf shoes are always recommended—not only do they provide necessary arch support and traction on the turf but their spikes also help keep your feet firmly in place as you swing for better accuracy and balance overall.

Note: Athletic shoes with cleats (or steel toes) might be allowed at certain courses; however, given these can damage artificial turf surfaces it’s best to check with your local course beforehand if these are allowed before bringing them out into play.

Pick your style!

No matter if you’re a brand new golfer or an experienced pro, it’s important an enjoyable experience out on the course involves having all of your golf apparel in order. We hope this blog post gave you a better understanding of what to look for in men's and women’s golfing attire so that you can dress with confidence and hit the green feeling comfortable and fashionable!

Feel free to browse through our amazing collection of golf apparel and pick your own style of golf clothes!

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