What to Wear in for Women: the Ultimate Guide on Women's Golf Apparel

Wondering what to wear for golfing? This guide will be discussing the different types of golfing attire for women that you will need to keep in mind as you make style choices for your round of golf.

Read on and find some great tips to help add a stylish flair to your game!

Golf Attire for Women

women wearing golf clothes standing in a golf course

When it comes to golf apparel for women, there are a few key components that should be considered; style, comfort, quality, and above all else – safety! Depending on the course and the time of year one is playing golf, outfit options can vary greatly. 

For outerwear choices, light and breathable fabrics in layers are optimal for cooler days. On warmer days, airy fabrics are recommended in a single layer. These can range from women's golf polos to tech-tees layers with moisture-wicking properties.

A golf visor or cap paired with polarized sunglasses and sweat-absorbent headbands are also great additions. 

On the bottom side of things, pants designed specifically for golf are ideal – loose enough to accommodate a full swing and flexible enough to provide movement but not too tight or restrictive.

Golf shorts come in many lengths as well, from bermudas to skorts - anything goes as long as it's comfortable and prevents distractions when playing. 

Golf shoes are especially important in golf; spiked shoes with good arch support D15/D2 or higher cleats deliver the best performance available.

As an alternative option, many courses now allow a non-spiked version suitable for any terrain such as hiking shoes or sports sandals which have proven popular amongst female golfers.

Even after getting dressed and ready to hit the links one last essential item must never be overlooked: protective gloves! Wearing them offers improved grip without sacrificing precision and feel.

two women wearing golf clothes and playing golf

Essential Golf Clothing Items

Let’s take a look at all the essentials in golf apparel.


Finding the proper pair of golf shoes for women can make all the difference in terms of performance and comfort. 

Spiked golf shoes that give players stability and traction on the course: a must-have if the grass is marred up or if your course requires the use of spikeless options. Choose shoes with specifications like D15/D2 or higher cleat systems, as they provide flexibility while decreasing stress on joints. 

Non-spiked golf shoes such as sneakers or lightweight training shoes can be worn to some courses that allow these types of attire. However, these kinds do not provide nearly the same level of support or stability as spiked ones; so keep that in mind before making a selection. 

Finally, always opt for golf shoes with breathable mesh upper panels and durable rubber soles that keep feet ergonomically secure during swings and other movements tied to any number of strides taken on the course. Selecting a pair with additional cushioning in both heel and arch pad areas will also lessen fatigue over long rounds of play – providing more comfort throughout your game.


Golf gloves are an important component to consider when creating a golf outfit. Selecting one that fits comfortably on the hands and prevents distractions from gripping the club securely is essential. 

Specialized golf gloves designed especially for female golfers offer an optimal fit that prevents slipping, while textile, synthetic leather, or naturally-sourced leather material blend are strategically placed with flexible panels to ensure a secured hold without sacrificing performance. 

Gloves can come in one-unit, two-unit sizes, or even taped-together silicone foam puffs; all geared towards providing excellent grip for better control over the club throughout a swing.

Additionally, some gloves also come equipped with features like sun protection and UV resistance or something as simple as absorbent qualities (if/when moisture is a concern).

Bottoms and Skirts

When it comes to golf bottoms clothes for women, skirts and shorts are typically the most popular choices. Both provide an ample range of motion with unrestricted movement as well as a more fashionable look – however, length is key here.

Golf pants tend to offer greater flexibility and comfort; they should fit loosely enough to accommodate most any swing while remaining snug enough to perform. 

Skorts, which are a combination of both shorts and skirts, are gaining popularity as well due in part to their stylish nature; plus they offer protection from the elements while maintaining that feminine touch. 

Finding the proper pants/bottom-wear hybrid all comes down to which type best suits your own particular preference.

Tops and Jackets

When selecting golf tops and golf jackets for women, ample range of motion and breathability are paramount considerations. Styles can range from polo shirts to tech tees with advanced moisture-wicking properties. 

On colder days, lightweight materials will provide the ideal combination of warmth, breathability, and protection against the elements. Hoods can also be very useful in protecting one’s head and neck against even cooler temperatures. 

Speaking of protection, many companies utilize UPF materials that filter out harmful UV rays allowing female players to stay on the course longer without worry. Additionally, select cuts are becoming more tailored to women’s bodies – accommodating their size while still providing comfort with a flattering look!

Golf Accessories

Now, we’ll take a closer look at some additional gear you should consider when creating your next golf outfit.


When it comes to golf apparel for women, the importance of socks cannot be underestimated. Not only do they provide comfort and wick moisture from the feet, but their presence can also be aesthetically pleasing helping to add a customizable flair to a golf outfit. 

An influx of slimmer and more stylish options made with advanced fiber technologies and incredibly breathable fabrics has given female golfers far greater choices when selecting the right pair.

For added flexibility, compression socks are especially recommended as they allow blood flow while mitigating fatigue. 

So remember- don’t overlook picking out a good pair of socks suitable for your style and needs before heading out onto the course!

Hats and Visors

When dressing for golf, many female players may opt for a hat or visor to top off their ensembles. Not only do these options protect against harmful UV rays and fierce summer heat, but they also help frame the face for a more finished look when paired with the right style top. 

The most common type is bucket hats; they’re great at keeping the head and ears covered in warmer temperatures while remaining flexible enough to adjust as needed when playing.

Visors on the other hand have material that stretches over the front of a cap – making them excellent choices on sunny days due to their airy construction (with both men’s and women’s sizes available).

Alternatively, classic baseball caps or even warm winter knits can easily become part of one's golf wardrobe!


Golf sunglasses for women should be a priority when selecting attire for the green. Not only does their use help improve visibility, but more importantly their presence helps protect one’s eyes against harmful UV light. 

A proper pair of shades that fits comfortably and snugly against the face is crucial; they should reduce surface glare while also filtering blue light.

Polarized lenses are a must-have because they eliminate shimmer while increasing contrast and most importantly they won’t damage or wear out over time even when exposed to moist conditions. 

So whether you prefer aviators, shield-styled frames, or sportier alternatives – having a well-built pair of golfing glasses is essential to protecting vision and essentials when playing outdoors!

Final Thoughts

Golfing attire for women has come a long way over the years - from classic two-piece pantsuits to more dynamic, color and pattern-blessed pieces with UPF ratings that provide protection from the elements. These items, along with shoes, gloves, socks, hats/visors, and sunglasses - all help set the stage for the golfer’s game in terms of comfort and style. 

No matter your size or shape, making sure that garments fit properly and are suitable for the playing conditions will ensure that you play your best round. Ultimately, selecting proper golf apparel is an individual preference; but whatever choice is made – make sure it's safe, comfortable, and most importantly – let it enable you to have fun on the golf course!

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