what size of golf clubs do you need

Size matters when it comes to golf clubs. While optimal golf club size can help you improve your game and make it more pleasant, incorrect club length will have you missing shots in frustration. But what size of golf clubs do you need? 

Of course, it depends significantly on your height. However, it also depends on the type of golf club, your golf swing, posture, and skill level. Playing with either too short or too long clubs can cause you to vary your stance or swing in ways that are incorrect, leading to much frustration and many missed shots.  

In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can check the correct golf club sizing by height to determine what size of golf clubs you need.

The Importance of the Right Length of Golf Clubs

detail of a golf clubs with many golf clubs of different sizes inside

When the club length is accurate and adjusted to the golfer's height, you’ll be able to adopt the perfect stance for the optimal golf swing, giving you the most precision and power in your shots. You might even save yourself some injury if you use golf clubs of incorrect lengths.

So how do you determine which lengths are right for you? Find the answer below!

How Long Should My Golf Clubs Be?

When deciding what length golf clubs to use, be sure they are appropriate for your height and posture. A thorough custom fitting is a good idea since your clubs should complement your height, wrist-to-floor length, ability, and swing speed.

You can help find the appropriate clubs by following these simple steps.

1. Static Fitting (Overall Height)

The procedure's first and most fundamental step is to measure your overall height. However, remember that this is insufficient for determining the length of your golf club shaft.

A player's overall height is employed in the standard club fitting method, but only as part of the entire process of fitting a golfer for club length. 

Overall height must be paired with another static measuring procedure, wrist-to-floor measurement, to make the measurement process more complete and precise.

2. Wrist-to-floor Measurement

This method is the most widely used for determining the precise length of golf clubs that you should be using. Not everyone’s arms and legs measure the same, and two golfers of the same height do not necessarily have the same distance between their wrists and the floor.

Stand on the floor with your arms hanging close to your body to take the wrist-to-floor measurement. Don’t forget to wear your golf shoes while doing so! 

With a help of someone else, measure from the crease of your wrist to the floor. 

3. Dynamic Fitting (In-Swing factors)

Static fitting measurements, such as overall height and wrist-to-floor distance, are obtained while the individual is not moving.

A "dynamic" fitting describes the measurements taken during the golfer's actual swing action when the club strikes the ball. 

Therefore, other elements like how far you bend at the waist and your posture should be considered during such moments.

For instance, excessive bending at the waist during the golf setup is carried through to the impact position, suggesting that you might want to correct this fault by utilising a shorter shaft length.

Golf Club Sizing by Club Type

Not all the clubs should be the same length. Each type of club strikes the ball differently, so you’ll need different lengths for the various types. 


Driver golf club over white background

Whenever it concerns the length of driver clubs, it's about striking the right balance of club head speed and precision. Because of the expanded arc, a longer shaft allows you to swing the club more quicker. This increased clubhead speed and larger arc are wonderful for distance, but it contributes to inconsistency in terms of strike and accuracy.

Longer shafts, as opposed to shorter ones, can generate more distance. And this argument has been well shown by the fact that even ordinary driver shaft lengths have increased in recent years. Standard driver shafts are 45.5" in length, but don't be afraid to experiment and go longer or shorter based on whether you want to increase accuracy or distance off the tee.

To generate the needed distance, aim to make consistent sweet spot contact on the club face. The longer the shaft length, the more difficult it is for the average or novice golfer to make consistent contact.

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Six putter golf clubs displayed in a white background

Regarding putter golf clubs, the ideal length depends on the golf player. Taller golfers should use a longer putter, and shorter golfers should use a shorter putter. It all ultimately comes down to your putting stroke and how you approach the ball.

Check that the putter head is properly on the ground. If your toe or heel is off the ground at address because your putter is too long or too short for you, the arc of your putting stroke and your aiming will suffer.

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Iron golf club over white background displaying the club head in detail

There are several methods for determining what length or iron clubs you should use. Height is important, but swing qualities and arm length should also be addressed. To begin with, your irons should be the right length to enable a decent address position. 

In addition, the lie angle of the club should be adjusted based on the length of the club. Irons are incredibly adaptable golf clubs since they come in various lengths, represented by the kind or number. You have 1 to 9 irons with varying shaft lengths between 34 and 40 inches.

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The Benefits of a Properly Sized Golf Club

Golf clubs that are the proper size can help you improve your game in various ways.

  • You can manage the angle of your strokes and generate extra distance on your drives.
  • You can save yourself injury that might occur should you use improperly-sized clubs. 
  • Working with professionals to identify your perfect club length might help you obtain lower scores.
  • Accurate squaring up of the club face at impact results in a better, consistent, and more firm connection of your club with the ball.

The Definitive Golf Club Size Chart


Final Thoughts

Most amateurs don't think about golf club size, but it does make a difference in the long term, and it is well worth putting in the effort to ensure that all of your golf clubs are the perfect size for you. The proper size of golf clubs may make or break a golfer's game, so be sure to size yours right!

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