36 Srixon Q Star Golf Balls - Recycled 5A/4A

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You get 3 Dozen = 36 Recycled Golf Balls (5A/4A Quality Mix)


Srixon Q-Star White Golf Balls

The Q-STAR is for golfers who demand premium performance in an all-ability golf ball. Engineered with Tour Ball Technology, the Q-STAR delivers a superior combination of distance, accuracy, greenside spin and durability.

The new coating increases the frictional force at impact by 18% compared to the previous version resulting in more greenside spin, control, and a softer feeling ball.

Energectic Gradient Growth™ Core
Advanced construction optimizes S.T.A.R. performance
(Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness)

Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness. The process of precisely turning the balls performance to enhance total playability on every shot.
SPIN: Tuned to increase distance on the driver while providing unparalleled stopping power on approach shots.
TRAJECTORY: Designed to produce an aggressive ball flight that maximizes distance regardless of weather conditions. High ball speed is maintained for a longer period of time during flight.
ACCELERATION: Developed to maximize the energy transfer to the ball for more ball speed resulting in greater distance.
RESPONSIVENESS😕 Configured to provide great touch and feel greenside. In adition, the ball is responsive on full shots that need to be shaped.

If you swing below 90 mph and you play a traditional tour golf ball, your game is suffering. Even if you?re a low handicapper, you?re losing distance and accuracy because of that hard, high compression tour ball.

That?s why Srixon made the Q-STAR ball. It?s a premium, 3-piece golf ball built with 100% tour technologies, but its core is soft. In fact, it has been specifically designed to go longer and straighter with your moderate swing speed.

  • Distance: Long
  • Trajectory: Piercing
  • Spin: Low
  • Feel: Firm


  • Maximize Your Distance
  • Total Greenside Control
  • 338 Speed Dimple Patern
  • Low Compression

Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls are perfect for amateur golfers with swing speeds below <90 mph.


The 5A/4A recycled golf ball grade looks like balls that have been played anywhere from 1 to 12 holes. Some could have player markings, light shading and/or small surface scratches/scuffs. Every golf ball in this grade could be played in a round of golf. There are no balls in this grade that would have their performance compromised. Please note that some balls may have a corporate logos on them. This grade is ideal for a serious golfer and is also known as a Mint/Near Mint grade mix.