RBSM Smart Ski & Snowboard Helmet

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Size: Medium (21.6"-23")
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The RBSM Smart Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Experience the thrill of winter sports like never before with the RBSM Smart Ski & Snowboard Helmet - the ultimate fusion of safety, technical innovation, and stylish design. Specially crafted for those winter sports enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on their gear's quality, this RBSM snowboard helmet leverages top-tier technologies to redefine your skiing and snowboarding experience.

Product Features and Specs

The stylish aerodynamics of this helmet goes beyond the superficial. It's loaded with fifteen adjustable vents, so whether you're shredding through a frosty whiteout or enjoying a sunny day on the slopes, you can regulate your temperature with the utmost ease and comfort. The advanced design includes the EPS 4D Twinshell Construction and an Oval Fit Custom Dial Fit System, ensuring robust protection suits your unique shape for a snug, secure fit.

But what sets RBSM Smart Ski & Snowboard Helmet apart from its competitors is its tech inclusion. The one-click PTT walkie-talkie function allows seamless communication with other RS1 users in your group, adding a sense of camaraderie to your winter sports adventure. Lost in the snow? No worries. The real-time GPS positioning feature will keep you on track.

Hot incoming call interrupting your snowy descent? Manage your calls at the click of a button without compromising on your safety or fun. This snowboard helmet also allows live location sharing, enabling your fellow RS1 skiers to join the thrill with you regardless of distance or numbers.

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Don't overlook protection! This helmet boasts smart protection with features like a fall detection alarm and an anti-loss alarm. The wind-resistant and speech denoising mic along with the anti-fog vents maintain your clarity in all conditions.

So, gear up with the RBSM Smart Ski & Snowboard Helmet and engulf yourself in 48 Hours of uninterrupted winter sport pleasure!

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Smart Communication Live Location Sharing Smart Protection Advanced Design
One-Click Phone Answer Real time GPS positioning Fall Detection Alarm Streamlined Aerodynamics Design
PTT Walkie Talkie Share Live Location with Fellow RS1 skiers Anti-Loss Alarm Wind Resistant & Speech Denoising Mic
48 Hrs Standby Time No limit of distance or number of skiers Anti-Fog Vents Temperature Adjustment System

  • EPS 4D / Twinshell Construction
  • Custom Dial Fit System / Oval Fit
  • Airflow Concept
  • Audio System Compatible