36 Mizuno Mix White Golf Balls - Recycled 5A/4A

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Buying this set of white Mizuno golf balls, you get 3 Dozen = 36 Recycled Golf Balls (5A/4A Quality Mix)

This is a Mizuno Mix of recycled golf balls. It contains previous models of Mizuno balls.

Recycled Golf Balls Grading

The 5A/4A recycled golf ball grade looks like balls that have been played anywhere from 1 to 12 holes. Some could have player markings, light shading and/or small surface scratches/scuffs.

Every golf ball in this grade could be played in a round of golf. There are no balls in this grade that would have their performance compromised. Please note that some balls may have corporate logos on them. This grade is ideal for a serious golfer and is known as a Mint/Near Mint grade mix.

Set of 36 White Mizuno Golf Balls (Recycled)

This set of 3 dozen White Mizuno golf balls is perfect for the golfer who wants to get the most out of their game. With long-lasting durability and consistent response, these balls are great for players of all skill levels.

The two-piece construction of the golf ball and the core of the ball help to increase the ball speed, giving golfers more distance with their drives. The urethane cover and shield technology also provide a softer feel and more control, allowing you to hit more greens in regulation.

In addition, Mizuno Golf Balls have a consistent ball flight and straight launch, allowing golfers to hit a wide variety of shots with precision. Whether you're playing on a pro course or just the weekend hack, these golf balls offer an exceptional quality that makes them the perfect choice for your game.