Cleveland Launcher UHX 8 Piece Iron Set Steel Shaft 4-DW

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Hand: Right Hand
Flex: Stiff
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The Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons feature a progressive combo set of hollow and cavity back irons that deliver explosive ball speed and pinpoint control where you need it.  The set's long irons are perfect for players who prefer the look of a traditional iron but prefer the forgiveness and distance of a hybrid.  In the scoring clubs, the cavity back design maximizes scoring and accuracy on shots into the green. 

The entire UHX set of irons utilizes a high strength steel face that delivers high ball speeds across the entire face.  In order to preserve ball speed, the irons have a progressive V-shaped sole that improves turf interaction.  The hollow long irons have a wider sole, while the shorter irons have a more pronounced V-shape with more bounce.

Tour Zip Grooves and finite Laser Milling deliver more spin and more stopping power, which is key to generating spin on approach shots for consistent distance control.

Cleveland fits the Launcher UHX Irons with a True Temper XP 90 steel shaft, while the graphite offering is Miyazaki's C. Kua 60.  Regardless of shaft, the stock grip is a Lamkin 360.

Cleveland Launcher UXH Irons Feature:

  • Hollow long irons provide more forgiveness and distance, while cavity short irons provide control
  • High strength HT1770M steel face insert delivers explosive ball speeds for increased distance
  • V-Shaped sole improves turf interaction for better speed retention at impact
  • Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling deliver maximum spin for optimal control
  • Stock Shafts: True Temper XP 90 Steel • Miyazaki C. Kua 60 Graphite(61 grams)
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin 360


4 20° 38.875" 61.5° 5.45 D2 D1
5 23° 38.25" 62.0° 5.05 D2 D1
6 26° 37.625" 62.5° 4.65 D2 D1
7 30° 37.0" 63.0° 4.25 D2 D1
8 34° 36.5" 63.5° 3.05 D2 D1
9 39° 36.0" 64.0° 2.25 D2 D1
P 44° 35.75" 64.5° 1.45 D2 D1
D 49° 35.5" 65.0° 1.15 D3 D2