36 Nike Assorted Colors Mix Golf Balls - Recycled 5A/4A

Sale price$59.99

You get 3 Dozen = 36 Recycled Golf Balls (5A/4A Quality Mix)


The Nike Colour Mix Model used golf balls is a great value on the Nike brand. This mixture will contain many different Nike Colour model recycled golf balls. There will be no colored golf balls in this mix. This Nike Colour mix may contain corporate logos and player markings. This may contain a mixture of different year models.


The 5A/4A recycled golf ball grade looks like balls that have been played anywhere from 1 to 12 holes. Some could have player markings, light shading and/or small surface scratches/scuffs. Every golf ball in this grade could be played in a round of golf. There are no balls in this grade that would have their performance compromised. Please note that some balls may have a corporate logos on them. This grade is ideal for a serous golfer and is also known as a Mint/Near Mint grade mix.