What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On?

What hand do you wear a golf glove on is a question that every golfer has pondered at least once in their golfing career. Many golfers are unaware that there is an accepted “proper” way to wear a golf glove, but there is and we are here to help you out.

In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a golf glove on your dominant or non-dominant hand. Also, we’ll provide tips to buy golf gloves online!

So if you’re looking for help with this common question, stick around and get all the information you need!

How Professional Players Wear Golf Gloves?

When playing right-handed, it is common for golfers to wear a glove on their left hand. This leaves the left hand with the job of providing a secure and firm grip on the club.

However, gripping too tightly can hinder the swing, which is why many golfers opt for gloves for a better grip without compromising comfort. Wearing a glove on the left-hand offers increased control and pressure on the club as well as protection from any abrasions or blisters.

hands wearing black golf gloves in both hands and holding a golf club

Those golfers who play left-handed will usually wear their gloves on their right hand. Some players even choose to wear two gloves in order to gain an even greater sense of control and consistency during the swing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Golf Gloves on Each Hand

Is there a correct hand to wear a golf glove on? To reach a conclusion, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a glove on each hand during golf.

Non-Dominant Hand

Wearing a golf glove on the non-dominant hand brings some benefits, like improved grip, increased comfort, and additional club-face control while making a swing.

Wearing a golf glove on the non-dominant hand can aid grip by helping the player to hold the club in the correct position with the firm, yet comfortable, pressure.

White Callway golf glove in white background

A glove also adds comfort which may reduce fatigue throughout a round. Finally, a glove can help ensure that the club face remains square throughout the swing. When correctly fitted and snug, it can help to control the club face through impact.

At the same time, some disadvantages may include interference with swing mechanics when gripping a club and an altered feel.

Dominant Hand

The advantages of wearing a golf glove on the dominant hand include added protection from blisters and other injuries, improved grip and club face control, and improved accuracy when hitting irons.

When wearing a golf glove on the dominant hand, additional protection is provided against blisters, calluses, or abrasions due to friction between the hands and the club.

This can help prevent small injuries like blisters and larger ones like tendinitis or golfer's elbow. A golf glove also offers additional cushioning on the back of the hand and can help disperse any sweat which could potentially lead to slippage when gripping the club.

Disadvantages include reduced ability to rotate the club face properly and decreased grip during impact, both of which can affect accuracy.

Hand wearing a Northern Spirit golf glove

Specifically, if a golf glove is worn on the dominant hand, it hinders the rotation of the club face and may lead to a swing with less control and power. Furthermore, the decrease in grip during impact may result in shots that lack accuracy and direction.

The reduced grip could also cause increased shock absorption from vibrations passing up through the club to the shoulder and back, potentially resulting in discomfort and pain.

Shopping Golf Gloves Online

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