woman golf player wearing ladies golf clothes by the common rules and dress code

Navigating the world of golf attire can often feel like decoding a complex set of rules regardless of gender. Understanding the dress code is crucial to ensure both respect for the tradition of the game and enjoyment on the course.

Despite the evolving nature of women's golf attire, with more fun and fashionable options now available, strict dress codes may still apply depending on the golf club.

Some clubs may be more strict than others, depending on the emphasis each puts on tradition, appearances, prestige, and other elements.

In this guide, we'll go over the dress code for women's attire and what are the essential elements you should be aware of.

Remember, some of them will not apply in some clubs. However, it's a good thing to have all of them in mind!

Understanding Women's Golf Attire

When it comes to golf attire for women, there's a blend of tradition and modern flexibility that isn't as prevalent in men's golf attire. This blend offers women golfers a range of choices but also adds complexity when selecting appropriate outfits. Knowing the basics forms the foundation of golfing with confidence and style.

Let's break down the women's dress code in golf in more detail below.


A staple of golf attire is the collared shirt, but for women, the options extend to modest, sleeve-bearing tops as well. Unlike men, women may have some flexibility with their shirts remaining untucked, offering a balance between formality and comfort on the course.

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The acceptable length for shorts, skirts (or skorts), and pants in golf attire has evolved. Moving away from strictly Bermuda shorts, the focus now is on pieces that are appropriate for the golfer's build, ensuring comfort and style while adhering to etiquette.

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Golf dresses are increasingly popular, designed specifically for the sport with built-in shorts for convenience. Choosing dresses made for golf ensures functionality on the course without sacrificing fashion.

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What NOT to Wear for Golf

It's just as important to know what to avoid: denim, tank tops, short shorts, gym attire, and the sometimes controversial leggings are clear no-gos on most courses. Keeping attire golf-appropriate respects the game's traditions and the specific course guidelines.

Golf Dress Codes Across Different Course Types

Municipal Courses

Municipal courses often have more relaxed dress codes, allowing a broader range of casual attire. However, it's always wise to check ahead.

Public Golf Courses

Public courses strike a balance, maintaining a standard that usually requires a quick check for specific dress code requirements in advance.

Private Golf Clubs

Expect stricter dress codes at private clubs, with an emphasis on collared shirts or golf dresses and attention to attire length.

Dress Code for Various Golfing Scenarios

  • First-Time Golfers: For those new to golf, selecting simple, comfortable, and course-appropriate outfits—such as a collared shirt paired with a skirt or pants—will ensure a smooth introduction to the game.
  • Country Club Dress Code: Lean towards conservative and traditional attire until you're familiar with the specific club's rules—better to overdress initially.
  • Watching Golf: While watching golf might not have a strict dress code, opting for comfortable golf attire is recommended.

Accessorizing and Outerwear

Don't forget about accessories and outerwear. Hats are not only for sun protection but also make a fashion statement. And when it comes to outerwear, choices should balance style with the practicality of varying weather conditions.

You can choose from golf jackets, hoodies, and rain gear on wetter and colder days, or golf sunglasses on hotter, sunnier days.


Adhering to golf dress codes is about respecting the game's traditions without compromising on style or comfort. With a clear understanding of what's expected across different types of courses and settings, selecting appropriate golf attire becomes an enjoyable part of the golfing experience. 

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