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For those just starting in golf, the subject of how to buy golf clubs is always on your mind. Determining the ideal set of golf clubs might be a daunting task. When you start looking for golf clubs, you will discover many different types and models. 

Fret not. We are here to help! This article will go over all the considerations and aspects you should be aware of before buying golf clubs and when you should consider buying them. 

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What to Do Before Buying New Golf Clubs

It's easy to get swept up in the excitement of beginning a new sport and purchasing the finest golf equipment. However, newbies need some insight into how to buy golf clubs for the first time.

Golf clubs are best purchased slowly as your needs will evolve when you develop in the sport. 

1. Research

Knowing the equipment world on a fundamental level reduces your likelihood of buying a club just because your friend did. This would be the wrong reason and, more than likely, the wrong club. 

You need to put some effort into doing your own research and ascertain which golf club can be the best for you. It's also crucial to know what the bestsellers and deals are.

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2. Help

There is a possibility that you will receive excellent advice on your first golf club purchase from an experienced or frequent golf player. You can make a knowledgeable golf club purchase with accurate advice, which is the only sort you should make.

We offer a good range of golf guides and tips in our blog. Feel free to take a look and learn something new!

3. Budget

Beginners are not required to purchase expensive golf clubs. You're new, which means you'll be experimenting with how to buy golf clubs, so appropriate budgeting is required. 

Stick with value-driven golf clubs at first. As you improve, you may also level up your golf clubs.

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4. Instinct

Pick a good golf club that appeals to you without considering too many factors. Taking rapid, decisive decisions with minor repercussions trains you to trust your instincts. 

By beginning small, you may reduce feelings of overwhelm and gradually work your way up to buying decisions for a golf club with increased self-confidence. 

How to Buy Your First Golf Clubs: A Beginner’s Guide

Once you are done doing all the theoretical research and are decisive about your need to buy a golf club, next comes the technicalities.

Let's go through those technical requirements you must be aware of. 

How Many Golf Clubs Should a Beginner Buy?

Beginner golfers should start with 8-10 clubs rather than a complete set of 14. To get started, junior golfers just need 5-7 clubs.

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A smaller number of clubs simplifies club selection and allows beginners to steadily increase their skill level by increasing the quality of their practice.

What Golf Clubs Should a Beginner Start With?

According to the official golf rules, you can carry up to 14 clubs in your bag. That said, you won't need quite that many when you first start.

To start choosing, it's essential to understand the different types of golf clubs and what they are used for. This is critical information, and a quick read of our blog post should be enough. 

When you're just starting, we suggest a driver with a massive sweet spot, a 3 wood, a hybrid, and some mid-range irons like 5, 7, and 9. 

With a pitched wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter, you have every important golf club you need to conquer the course.

If you're looking to train your shots and improve your game, know that you can also recur to golf training aids. For instance, you can purchase hitting nets and putting accessories to train your hits. 

What is the Best Club Shaft for You?

Golf shafts are classified into two types: steel and graphite. Between these two options, you can also find multi-material shafts today.

Usually, your golf club will be manufactured with one of these shaft types. Before purchasing a golf club, you must understand the differences between each shaft type.

Multi-material shafts are some newer choices that integrate the two materials.

Take a look at our breakdown below:

  • Steel Shafts are significantly heavier, more durable, and less costly than graphite shafts. They are typically carbon steel, but stainless steel is also used. Steel irons will assist many players since the torque or lateral twisting observed in all graphite shafts does not appear in steel. As a result, steel shafts provide more control and focus more on accuracy over distance, requiring a faster swing speed to create the same distance as a graphite shaft. 
  • Graphite Shafts are significantly lighter, less durable, and more costly than steel shafts, weighing roughly half the weight of a steel shaft. These lightweight shafts deliver a faster swing speed for increased power but compromise control owing to swing flex. Graphite shafts are an excellent option for all golfers. They are particularly suited to women golfers and the elderly who may struggle to achieve a fast enough swing speed using a steel shaft.
  • Multi-material shafts utilised on irons and drivers are a new addition to the market. This type of shaft combines steel and graphite into a single shaft to provide the combination of the two for each player and to accommodate all playing styles.  In most cases, the shaft is constructed of steel with a graphite tip. The steel shaft helps the golfer to have better control over the ball striking, while the graphite tip guarantees that the golf ball can travel the distance without causing undesirable vibrations.

    How Much Should Beginners Spend on Golf Clubs?

    You may spend a lot of money on golf clubs, especially if you buy them separately and obtain top-of-the-line equipment. However, if you are a beginner, you do not need to invest much money. 

    You should spend about $350 to $1,000 on your first set of clubs. This will get you at least nine good golf clubs, which will be more than enough to get you started.

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    What are the Must-Have Accessories to Start Playing Golf?

    If you’re starting out in golf, building your golf gear set is important. The first thing to come to mind is golf balls. After all, you can’t play golf without them!

    The next important thing to remember when playing golf is to keep your hands safe from swings. Without suitable golf gloves, your hands will ultimately blister after numerous swings. Golf gloves not only protect your hands but also assist you to maintain a solid grip on the club even while you're sweating. 

    You should also acquire a pair of good, professional golf shoes. Golf shoes typically provide adequate stability and grip to ensure proper swing posture. 

    Of course, you'll need a reliable golf bag to carry your clubs and other accessories. Because you're just beginning, your golf bag doesn't have to be complex, but it must do the job.

    To place your golf ball on, you'll need tees. Tees are generally brightly coloured and shaped like wooden or plastic nails.

    You’re Up to a Good Start!

    As a beginner, buying new golf clubs might be the finest investment you can make for your time on the golf course.  Certainly, perfecting technique through practice, boosting fitness, and playing more confidently all help, but using the wrong clubs may negate all of those efforts. 

    If you want more on that, check our this incredible buying guide from National Golf Club about the best golf balls 2023.

    Now that you have read all the things to consider buying your first golf clubs, it can be easier for you to know how to buy them now!

    Just Golf Stuff has excellent golfing guides and the finest deals in Canada for a smooth journey through your golf play. Keep an eye on our store and blog to learn and equip yourself with the best golf products in the market!

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