Weather Golf Attire: How to Dress for Cold Days on the Course

Cold-weather golf attire is the garments and accessories designed to keep a golfer warm, comfortable, and protected on cold days on the course. The most important basic pieces of golf attire are a collared, button-up shirt, pants or shorts, and golf shoes. What separates cold-weather golf attire from regular golf attire is the focus on warmth and protection from the elements. 

In this article, we’ll talk more about what to wear for a cold day on the course, as well as share some tips to buy and choose the right outfit for it. 

Golf Clothing for Cold Weather

For playing golf in cold weather, you should wear a hat, warm layers, golf gloves, waterproof clothing, and waterproof golf shoes. Additionally, if the temperature is really low, consider wearing windproof clothing so you don't get too cold while out on the golf course.

The minimum temperature for playing golf generally depends on the climatic conditions of the area. However, many golf courses only allow play when the temperature is above the water’s freezing point (32 ºF or 0ºC).

Additionally, it's important to be aware of wind chill and wind speed, as lower temperatures combined with higher wind speeds can make it too cold to play golf. A nice and warm golf jacket might be the difference between having a good time and freezing.


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The function of cold weather golf attire is two-fold:

  1. To keep the golfer warm and comfortable; and
  2. To keep the player safe.

It is important to remember that the cold weather isn’t only uncomfortable, but can be dangerous if safety protocols are not followed (especially here in Canada). Cold-weather golf attire should provide enough warmth to help the golfer stay safe from frostbite, hypothermia, and other potential hazards. 

What to know before buying golf clothes for cold weather

When purchasing cold-weather golf apparel, there are a few key factors to consider. These include fabric types and weights, layering options, and bright and visible colors:

  • Fabrics are important because they provide both warmth and breathability. Polyester and polyester blends are the most popular options because they are lightweight and moisture-wicking. 
  • Layering is also key for staying warm; multiple thin layers trap warm air better than one thick layer.
  • Lastly, bright and visible colors should help the golfer remain visible in low-light and foggy conditions. 

Golf Wear for Cold Days

Cold-weather golfing requires specific clothing to keep golfers warm and comfortable while on the course. There are a few key pieces of apparel that should be included in every golfer's cold weather golf attire. 

Below, check what to wear for golfing when you decide the hit the links on the colder days of the year.

1. Base Warm Layer

The base layer should be lightweight, breathable, and preferably moisture-wicking. Light sweaters, zip-up jackets, and thermal shirts are all great options for the base layer. 


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2. Hats and Golf Gloves

To keep the head, hands, and ears warm, there are hats and golf gloves with thermal insulation. Look for hats and gloves with inner liners and stretchable material for maximum comfort and protection.


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3. Waterproof and Windproof Clothing and Jackets

Golfers should be sure to have waterproof and windproof jackets in their cold-weather golf attire. Look for breathable waterproof fabrics that are lightweight and warm, such as Gore-Tex and Windstopper. 

Here are some of the best deals in our array of golf clothing for cold weather:

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4. Waterproof Golf Shoes

For ultimate functionality and protection in rainy and snowy weather, waterproof golf shoes are also essential. Popular options include the classic spikeless golf shoe with a waterproof membrane, as well as more unique options such as spiked golf boots. 


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Tips for Staying Warm and Dry on the Course

While having the right cold-weather golf attire is key to staying warm and comfortable, there are other tips that can also help golfers stay warm and dry on the course:

  • Music and audio devices can help golfers stay motivated for long hours outdoors. Listening to upbeat music or an audiobook can help take your mind off the cold. 
  • Hydration is key, as the cold weather can dehydrate golfers quickly. Make sure you drink lots of water and keep an insulated water bottle filled with hot tea for an extra layer of warmth. 
  • Dressing in layers is also important for staying warm while golfing in cold weather. Be sure to wear multiple thin layers of clothing, including an undershirt, shirt, sweater, and jacket. Also, add a cap or hat to protect the ears from the cold. 
  • A swing warm-up can help keep muscles warm and relaxed when playing in cold temperatures. Swing a golf club with a lighter weight, such as a fairway wood, before taking shots with full clubs. This will help keep the arms and legs warm and prepare golfers for difficult shots. 

With the right tips and the right cold-weather golf attire, golfers can stay warm and focused on the course during cold days!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cold weather golfing can be a unique and enjoyable experience with the right preparation. Having the right cold-weather golf attire is key for keeping golfers warm, comfortable, and safe on the course.

Factors to consider when purchasing cold-weather golf attire include fabric types and weights, layering options, and bright and visible colors. In addition to the right clothing, other tips such as music and audio devices, hydration, and a swing warm-up can help golfers keep warm and focused on the course in frigid temperatures.

All of these tips are important for staying warm and safe while golfing in cold weather, so it is essential for golfers to dress appropriately.

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