RBSM Sports Mud Adder e-Bike | 500 Watt 48 Volts Sports Electric Bike (Refurbished)

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RBSM Sports Mud Adder e-Bike [Refurbished]

Discover the edge you need on the golf course with the mighty RBSM Sports Mud Adder e-Bike.

Turn the fairway into your personal speedway, as you not only keep pace with your buddies but leave them in the dust. A fusion of comfort and power, this refurbished RBSM eBike delivers an unparalleled riding experience that’ll get your adrenaline pumping before the first swing.

RBSM Sports Mud Adder e-Bike Highlights

Engineered for the ambitious golfer, the RBSM Sports Mud Adder 2.1 Electric Bike embodies dynamic strength with a lightweight aluminum frame, amplified by a 500-watt brushless rear hub motor and a powerful 48-volt lithium-ion battery offering 504-watt hours.

Whether you're a seasoned biker or an electric bike novice, this speed daemon will have you feeling in control, reaching up to a thrilling 32km/h (20 mph).

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This RBSM mud bike's ability to sail through a range of 55km (30 miles) breaks boundaries. Neither distance nor difficult terrain can slow down the performance of this RBSM electric bike.

No matter the landscape, the 9-speed Shimano derailleur, combined with the unparalleled stability from the Zoom hydraulic suspension aluminum alloy fork, will ensure a smooth and efficient ride.

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The RBSM Mud Adder gives you control like never before, with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes providing immediate stopping power, and a fully adjustable saddle and handlebars customizing to your optimal comfort.

Its Kenda 73.66cm x 5.33cm (29in x 2.10in) tires and light aluminum rims can comfortably carry a 100kg (220lb) payload.

An interactive LCD display keeps you informed every step of the way, sharing assistance levels, battery and motor power indicators, speed displays, and trip details. After an adventurous day on the greens, recharge your bike overnight with the smart charger, ready for another thrill ride the next day.

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With our RBSM Sports Mud Adder e-Bike, you'll be more than a golfer—you'll be an unstoppable dynamo obliterating the course greens. See the difference for yourself with our 6-month full warranty on parts and labor for manufacturer's defects for this refurbished model.

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“Good vibes and RBSM Sports e-bikes will get you anywhere.”

Please note: These are 100% certified refurbished in 9/10 condition or better. Purchase includes a 6-month full warranty on parts and labour for manufacturer's defects.