2 Pack RBSM Jet Staplers

Save 33%

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The RBSM Office Jet Stapler will give you the most powerful, reliable and safe experience that you have ever had with a stapler.

  • 70% Force Savings than traditional staplers.
  • Staples Included.
  • Great for elderly or arthritis sufferers. Or anyone who uses a stapler regularly.

If you have never tried one, now is the time. you will never go back to regular staplers again.

Price includes 2 Jet Staplers and 2000 staples.


  • 70% less effort needed than traditional staplers at every sheet count
  • 25 sheet capacity
  • Magazine hold a full strip of 210 staples
  • Package includes 2 Jet Staplers and 2000 staples.
  • Ergonomic design for greater comfort
  • Easy to use