Ping Hooferlite 201 Carry Golf Bag

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Color: Slate/Black/White
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The PING Hooferlife 201 Carry Golf Bag

Step up your game with the Ping HooferLite 201 Carry Golf Bag, a champion among PING golf bags!

PING Hooferlite 201 Golf Bag Highlights

True to its name, this light as air ping golf bag weighs in only at 5 pounds without compromising any feature you would expect from a premium golf bag PING.

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Design and Technology

The ingenious design and the advanced technology employed raise the bar for portable golf carry bags.

The bag's robust structure houses sturdy, spacious wells that provide optimum protection for your golf clubs, keeping them organized and safe from damage.

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Boasting a high-impact polypropylene frame and anti-flex walls, this ping stand bag guarantees durability with lasting quality. You can trust that this bag will endure the most demanding golfing escapades.

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We know that comfortable carrying is as important as great storage, hence the Ping HooferLite 201 comes with padded straps and a newly re-engineered back puck making single-strap conversion a breeze.

Whether you prefer a backpack style or a single-strap carry, switching styles has never been more effortless.


Storage remains a solid highlight with this ping golf bag. The thoughtfully designed storage areas bolster efficiency whilst ensuring you have room for all your essentials.

View of 4 Series Four-Way Reinforced Top

The apparel pocket goes a step further, offering a full-length zipper for easier access—an essential feature when you need to reach in for a quick retrieval onto the green.

Detailed image of new Hoofer series back puck.

An exciting addition to the HooferLite now includes a cart-strap channel offering a secure bag to cart connection.

Diagram of Hooferlite cart strap.

Plus, a zippered, insulated multi-use water bottle pocket helps your beverage of choice stay refreshingly cool—a game changer during those hot, competitive rounds of golf.

Detailed image of Hooferlite water bottle pocket.


To wrap it up in style, the bag includes a rain hood cleverly attached inside the cushioned hip pad. So your clubs stay dry, and so do you!

Close up image of Hooferlite hip pad/stored rainhood.

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Available in 11 striking colorways for 2022, the Ping HooferLite 201 Carry Golf Bag offers aesthetic appeal to match its functional design.

Whether you're an amateur golfer looking to step up your game or a seasoned pro desiring a sturdy, lightweight bag to enhance your play, this ping golf bag is a reliable companion on the golf course.

Now's the time to elevate your golfing experience with the Ping HooferLite 201 Carry Golf Bag.

Purchase yours today or explore the array of stellar options available at Just Golf Stuff. Get ready to swing into action with style, comfort, and efficiency. Happy Golfing!