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The xE1's unique design makes it easy to swing through everything from long grass to sand - and effortlessly lob your shot onto the green.

The first time you pick it up you’ll see that the xE1 is completely different from traditional wedges. Its unique design practically glides through soft sand and deep grass to pop your ball up and on to the green.

Notice how the performance mass on the xE1 has been moved back to the rear of the sole—nearly two inches behind where the weight is in the typical wedge. This critical change holds the leading edge down as it passes through the point of impact, almost eliminating thin shots.

The wide but shallow curve of the AutoGlide sole keeps the club from digging, so it glides effortlessly across the surface of the ground so you'll easily and consistently hit beautiful lob shots into the air.

And the xE1 is made with 65° of loft (5° more than a typical lob wedge and 9° more than a typical sand wedge), when combined with the xE1's AutoGlide sole, you don’t need to open up the clubface when you hit. Simply set up and swing.

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